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R U Unbound? We Want to Share Your Story!

IM Unbound is a community of digipreneurs with lifestyle businesses living a life of freedom, travel and online entrepreneurship. 

R U Unbound? Then we want to feature YOU as a location independent digital nomad, digital marketer, or unbound artist and invite you to submit your unbound life and business to be featured on the IM Unbound site!

Be sure to share this post with your Unbound friends so we can feature them too! 

Submit By Doing ONE of the Following:

  1. Write a blog post linking back to IMUnbound.com and share it on Twitter with the hashtag #IMUnbound. Link code for your blog post: <a href=”http://www.imunbound.com/”>IMUnbound.com</a>
  2. Post a photo of yourself on Instagram displaying the IM Unbound hand gesture and include the information listed below in your post description. You must tag @imunbound and include the hashtag #IMUnbound.
  3. Submit your story through the form below.

We will feature Unbound digital nomads on IMUnbound.com weekly.

Share Your Story Now:

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Submission Requirements:

To be featured on IMUnbound please provide the following:

  • A photo of yourself displaying the IM Unbound hand gesture. Images with a laptop or tablet preferable (bonus points if you’re wearing an IM Unbound T-shirt!)
  • Your name
  • Where you’re from
  • Your current location
  • Tell us what work you do to sustain your Unbound lifestyle
  • A link to your Unbound business
  • Tell us how long you’ve been Unbound
  • Share your favourite Unbound experience
  • Let us know your future Unbound plans
  • Provide your preferred social media handle so we can follow and link to you (example: Twitter: @unboundim or Instagram: @imunbound)

Submission Guidelines:

Photos Requirements:

  • Maximum image size: 650px x 650px  (If needed, use PicResize to resize your images)
  • Maximum file size: 300kb (If needed, use PicResize to resize your images)
  • Photos containing offensive content will not be posted.

Submissions may be edited for spelling and grammar when posted to IMUnbound.com Not sure how to do the hand gesture? Click here.


Mariska Richters - Unbound on LittleMountain

  • Name: Mariska Richters
  • From: The Netherlands
  • Current Location: Vancouver Island, Canada
  • My work: I am a photographer, travel blogger, social media consultant and build WordPress websites.
  • Link: mariskarichters.com
  • I’ve been location independent since October 2013.
  • Favourite unbound experience: I ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the Olympic Spirit Project. I raised the funds required to travel to Russia to photograph Olympic spirit at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games.
  • Future Plans: I’ll be exploring Vancouver Island for the summer and plan to travel to warmer locations in the fall when the weather here gets cold and rainy.
  • Social Media: Twitter: @mariskar

About Mariska Richters

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