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How To Rock the IM Unbound Hand Gesture

Every big movement in the world, every culture, all the best fraternities and many a great picture posed for included some type of hand gesture. We wanted to create the same thing for our digital, location independent brethren – our own “secret” hand sign.

Similar to surfers giving each other the familiar hang loose hand gesture when they pass each other, digital nomads of the world need to unite under one movement – a movement which is represented by a hand gesture.  And so the IM Unbound hand sign was born.

IM Unbound logoHow To Create the IM Unbound Hand Gesture

The gesture is a combination of the letters “I” and “M” in sign language.

  1. Always with the right hand
  2. The little finger straight up is the “I”
  3. the remaining three fingers wrapping over top of the thumb creates the three lines of the “M”.

Now connect with the unbound community by getting out to some crazy locations and taking photos of yourself displaying the IM Unbound hand gesture. Then post them to Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Be sure to tag #IMUnbound so we can find and share your pic!

And of course, share it with your unbound friends so they can join the unbound community too!

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