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About IM Unbound

IM Unbound is a play on the words “Internet Marketing Unbound” and “I Am Unbound” with the basic premise being:

“Home is where the laptop is.”

We are a community of digital nomads who are not confined to the four walls of a traditional office. As our world becomes increasingly more digital, it becomes easier to lead a location independent life – enabling us to be unbound from the constraints of a traditional J.O.B.

The concept behind IM Unbound is to create a movement of digipreneurs who are free from the traditional constraints of set location. People who work from the comforts of wherever-they-want; with the only necessity being a laptop, a smartphone and an internet connection.

The IM unbound community consists of people from all corners of the world – and from a vast array of skill sets. U R Unbound if you’ve ditched your desk, grabbed your laptop and said goodbye to the traditional cubicled version of a job.

Typical UNBOUND professions include:#imunbound pink logo

✓    Writers
✓    Photographers
✓    Web Developers
✓    Graphic Designers
✓    Animators
✓    Product Creators
✓    Affiliate Marketers
✓    Internet Marketers
✓    Social Media Marketers
✓    SEOs (search engine optimization)
✓    ORM (online reputation management)
✓    Bloggers

Who’s Behind IMunbound.com?
Reese Richards and Mariska Richters

Reese RichardsAbout Reese Richards

Reese has been marketing online, living the location independent lifestyle and traveling the world since 2008. After 8 years in Asia, Reese is back in Canada (for the time being), currently exploring beautiful Vancouver Island.

During his online career, Reese has written several books about social media and online marketing, included one about using Facebook for business and one about keyword research and search engine optimization.

Now a sought-after online business consultant, Reese spends a portion of his time consulting in areas such as Online Reputation Management, Bar / Restaurant Marketing and Search Engine Optimization – and the rest of his time is spent on his bartending site, BarsandBartending.com and other online projects.

Mariska Richters - IM UnboundAbout Mariska Richters

Mariska, like most of us, had a “real” job  – she worked for a prominent web development company with offices in Vancouver and Shanghai. In addition to her J.O.B, Mariska is also a world-class photographer, shooting for such clients as Estee Lauder, ING Direct, and Homes & Living Magazine. She also has a passion for sports photography and has obtained media accreditation to the Vancouver 2010 and Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games and she is the creator of the Olympic Spirit Project.

Mariska has worked as a freelance social media and business management consultant in Vancouver, Canada since 2009. Although she loves Vancouver, she dreamed of a location independent lifestyle that would allow her to travel and see more of the world. So, in October, 2013, after watching many friends and colleagues shift to location independence in exotic locales like Thailand, Costa Rica and Indonesia, she took the plunge. She sold the majority of her possessions and has been living the IM Unbound lifestyle ever since. You can read more about her journey at MariskaRichters.com.

Reese Richards Describes the Inspiration Behind IMunbound.com

While sitting in the park working on my laptop one day, my friend, Mariska Richters – a travel photographer and blogger – walked by with her dog Roxie.  We waved and smiled at each other – a knowing little smirk that said “Ya, that’s right, we work from wherever, whenever!”IM unbound logo

It struck me in that moment that every big movement in the world, every culture, all the best fraternities and many a great picture posed for included some type of hand gesture.  After having spent the better part of a decade traveling around Asia, I was very familiar with the Chinese “Yeh” hand sign, which is identical to the two-fingered peace sign.  The Taiwanese tend to include this hand gesture in every picture they pose for.  I wanted the same thing for our digital, location independent brethren – our own “secret” hand sign.

Similar to surfers giving each other the familiar hang loose hand gesture when they pass each other, I started thinking that the digital nomads of the world need to unite under one movement – a movement which was represented by a hand gesture.  And so the IM Unbound hand sign was born.

Always with the right hand, the gesture is a combination of the letters “I” and “M” in sign language.  The little finger straight up is the “I” and the remaining three fingers wrapping over top of the thumb creates the three lines of the “M”.

If you are unbound from the traditional chains of a nine to five job, tell the rest of the world by sharing and wearing.

Oftentimes referred to as digital nomads, you need not be nomadic anymore – you’ve found your brethren.

Welcome to IMunbound.com!


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